Rei's Room



Name: Yokohama Showroom Angel Rei

Age: ??


    Body: New Excellent B

    Original Price: 8,800 yen

    Limited to 500 pieces

reioutside3.JPG (15590 bytes)

Comments:  I finally get to keep her ^o^!  Kristen bought Rei for me as a birthday present in July.  I had to wait until October 14 to open her ;_;.....she sure was worth it!  She's such an adorable little fluff-head.  She was designed by Kaname Byakko, and has the same face as Hazuka, the artist doll of his that was released early this year.  I don't have Hazuka, so I don't mind ^___^.......

I love the contrast between her fluffy pink hair and black outfit.   When I saw her sketch on Kaname Byakko's page and read that he would be designing a Showroom Angel, I knew I had to have her.  We got her off Yahoo!Japan because we didn't think any dealer would pick her up, and as usual, we were wrong.  The Doll and Hobby Shoppe carried her, and they charged less...;_;...why does this always happen to me?

According to Volks, Rei is a little fairy (the doll's 1/1 scale) created by Shino to protect the Volks Yokohama showroom.  Her original form was that of a butterfly. ^__^  They don't say much about her personality, but judging from the blurb on the back of her package she seems to be a tomboy...^^

Leene's Comments:  How does an 11 inch fairy ask for a drink?   I'd better order a 1/6 scale tea service.  Does Volks make something like that?  Plastic Barbie cups are so tacky...;_;....



Too much sweetness and light?  Then step down the marble staircase into the Dusk Garden.  The Dark Angels await you....