Rutee's Room


Name: Rutee Kartlet (Katrea in the U.S version of Tales of Destiny ^^)

Age: 18


    Body: Dynamite (SAJ) Body

    Original Price:12,000 yen

    Limited to 1000 pieces

rutee1.JPG (17285 bytes)


Comments: No, she didn't come in this outfit ::laughs:: ^___^....I took her outfit off a year ago and I don't think I'll ever be able to get it on again!  This doll, in my opinion, is the most beautiful video game character doll ever put out by Takara.  Her gloves and boots don't fit, but who cares?  Look at that face! :D

Rutee was pretty hard to find when I got her, probably even more so now.  I wish that Takara had released more dolls from this game....the character designs are lovely.   .I'm only 6 hours into playing it, but I'd like to see dolls of Philia and Leon(yeah right *^__^*).  Maybe I'll try making a custom doll of Philia one of these days!  Girls are always less risky....

I know she's expensive, but look at how much those Yellow Submarine dolls cost!   I swear, if you pay any less than 9,800 yen for an anime character doll you're going to be disappointed.  Those Sega Rayearth dolls seem to generate their own stains.....>_<........


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