Saffron's Room


Name: Saffron

Age: ??

Creation Info:

    Volks Mini Super Dollfie Kit (Myu-type)



Background:  Saffron is a faerie child who was abandoned by her people because of her apparent lack of magical ability.  Fuuka found her alone in the woods one day and adopted her into her family.  Saffron is a meek girl who looks up to her "sister" Anise and emulates her from time to time.   As a faerie, she has a talent for changing her appearance at will.  She likes to use it to pass herself off as Anise's twin.


saffrongray1.JPG (28052 bytes)


Comments: Saffron is Kristen's sad little Myu! ^__^ She strung her together, and I made up her face, inserted her eyelashes, etc. I admit that I probably had the easier job! I tried to give her a softer look than Miyako's by only lining the corners of her eyewells in dark rose and giving her peach eyeshadow as opposed to pink. I mixed light magenta and  brilliant orange paint for her lip color. I guess I'd call it coral.  She looks a lot different from Miyako (at least, I think so) but I think she's pretty cute. She reminds me of a Fairy Field Jenny or Takara Barbie.

She's wearing Tallina's 16mm EG eyes in gray in that photo. Kristen eventually got her 16mm Volks Zoukei-mura eyes in blue-green (I'll post a picture in the SD Gallery later) but I think she looks nice with these, too. The iris to white ratio seems about right for these eyes.  In 18mm they're quite big!

Leene's Comments: Saffron-chan is so cute! She doesn't like it too much when I poke her, though. ^_^;