The Sakura Gallery


Welcome!  Our collection has grown so big, we've moved it into a separate room.  Enjoy ^_^!


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Shion with Mountain Laurel

Raughla in the Sun


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Lagla versus the Blizzard

Tida in a Rocking Chair


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Ophelia, showing off her hair.

Maki, Outside

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Leene, Outside

Looking so depressed!


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arisacake1thumbnail.jpg (4411 bytes)

Jasmine, Outside

"I'm eating this one!"

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bronsit3thumbnail.jpg (4512 bytes)

Nera, Outside

She always looks so grouchy...


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zarlagarden2thumbnail.jpg (3329 bytes)

Sitting around....

Zarla in the Garden


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Leene in the Garden

Jasmine in the Grass


annesit3thumbnail.jpg (4243 bytes)

dollawings1thumbnail.jpg (3550 bytes)

Way up close!

She stole Ophelia's dress (and her wings!)


orangered2thumbnail.jpg (3856 bytes)

"Do I scare you?"

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nakoout1thumbnail.jpg (3454 bytes)

Beneath the Forsythia Bush...

Nakoruru and a View ^^

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orangered3thumbnail.jpg (4279 bytes)

A Forest Setting

She's hiding something ^^;;....

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