Sanae's Room


Name: Sanae

Age: 18

Creation Info:

    Body: Volks Excellent H, white-skinned

    Head: Volks prerooted white-skinned A type brown hair head

    Eyes and lips painted with Liquitex paints

Likes: Karaoke, talking in class

Dislikes: Sports, doctors

Background:: Although Sanae is 18 years old, she hasn't yet finished high school due to a long illness that kept her back a year.   She seems delicate and fragile, but has been pampered by her parents and has a rather flippant personality.  She cares about her friends and can be very charming, but has a tendency to be selfish and act without thinking.  She is quite popular in school but those who try to get to know her well often are left wondering if she's worth the trouble.  When she upsets one of her friends she would rather try to charm them to death than apologize.

sanaerepaint2.JPG (16144 bytes)


Creator's Comments: I had this little girl(?)'s pieces sitting around in my room for a long time before I finally completed her.  I was originally planning on making her  wear a Victorian-type outfit, but once it came time to paint her face I just wasn't in the mood to do that kind of character.  So I decided to give her a kind of cute and sassy look(don't know if it worked, though!) I based her eyeprint on this auctioneer girl who was only in two installments of Hunter x Hunter, and added my own touches to it. I think she wound up looking completely different from what I had planned!

Her name and outfit(even though she doesn't have it yet) are based on Sanae-chan from the Pop'n Music game series. I guess that with her coloring, I should have called her Rie instead, but I really don't need another Rie in my house. ^^;;;;;

Update: I repainted Sanae, after all... I liked her green eyes, but they looked really unbalanced to me. ^^;

Webmistress's Comments: Heh......but doesn't everyone want to be a Bob Girl? ^^  I love Sanae; Volks brown hair is a lovely auburn color, and her cat-like eyes really suit her.  They look like an oil painting ^^.....I'm not sure what kind of outfit would suit her the best.....she looks like the kind of girl who can wear all kinds of outfits.  Maybe we should use her as a model or something.   She has an Excellent H body, so she's pretty well-endowed  ^^....

Leene's Comments:  You'd think that considering their similar backgrounds, Sanae-chan and Cerise would get along well, right? Well.....I tried introducing them to each other--and they haven't spoken since.  I wonder  what went wrong?  They're both so hard to deal with when they're angry...but at least Sanae-chan can be jollied out of her moods with presents ^___^;;;.......


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