Sara's Room


Name: Sara

Age: 19(apparently)

Creation Info:

    Body: Takara Jenny 17

    Head: Noix de Rome prerooted yellow elf head

    Eyes and lips painted with Liquitex paints

Likes: Long walks, playing the lute, chatting with friends

Dislikes: Being serious, memorizing spells

Background: Sara is a light-hearted but strong elf girl who is training to be a knight.  She's friendly and optimistic but has difficulty taking her training seriously.  In spite of this, she is regarded as a skilled fighter--her elders hope her enthusiasm will make up for her lack of discipline in the future.   Her primary motivation for training is to protect her best friend, who skilled with magic but has difficulty defending herself.

sara3.JPG (15731 bytes)


Creator's Comments: So why the heck's she in the White Magician Outfit?  Sorry, but it was either that or she'd be naked! ^^;   Blond elves seem so orthodox, but for some reason I wanted to make a blond elf.   You can't even see her elf ears with that hat on. ^^;;;; She has long hair in the back--I tried to style her hair like Utena's, and she has a ton of water wax in her hair.

Sara's eyes are painted entirely in brown--I used burnt umber in place of black, and the rest of her iris is painted in raw sienna and Turner's yellow. ^^ I'm gonna have to trim the left side of her bangs a little, though--her hair's hiding the top of her eye, so it looks like I messed up on it. (laughs)


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