Emilio's Room


Name: Emilio

Age: 15

Creation Info:

    Volks Super Dollfie Michael Lalaport Edition (Dark Michael)

Likes: Cats, children, sleeping

Dislikes: Hot weather, exercise, vegetables

Background: Emilio is a prince from a country of eternal night. He was sent to live with Fuuka because his health has suffered from the lack of sunlight. Despite being prone to bouts of melancholy, he is a good-natured boy who likes to help Fuuka with household chores in exchange for being tutored in English. Maya teases him for his lack of social skills and common sense, but deep down she has a crush on him.


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Comments: Ha...ha...ha....HAH HAH HAH!!!

I should lash myself for giving into this temptation! For those of you who have been reading my LiveJournal, I hope you aren't too disappointed in me.   I have a feeling that Volks will eventually standardize Michael due to his immense popularity in Japan, but the more I looked at photos of Dark Michael the more I realized that if I didn't buy him and sell off lots of crap to pay off the charge, I would wither up from longing and DIE. I usually don't care for the Gothic look (I used to like it, but my interest faded over the years) but Dark Michael's face paint is actually quite natural.   Volks went a lot easier on the blushing around the bridge of his nose this time, and his lips are lighter.  I love him! I admit that when I first took him out of the box I was intimidated, because he looked like he hated me. ^_____^;...... But the next day, when I saw him sitting near my bed first thing in the morning, I was like "Where have you been all my life?"

I wasn't sure if I'd like his wig and outfit, but I think they're quite nice. The stockings are a pain, though! He has those new pale purple HG eyes--they're the only pair of purple eyes I own, and they're gorgeous. Yes, I know that Michael looks like a chick, but doesn't his face have a lovely symmetry? I think that he'd look nice as a woman, too, but I'm not going to humiliate him like that.

Kristen picked out his name, but I think she was reading my mind. It's true that this edition of Michael resembles a certain video game character whose name is Emilio, but if that's the only reason I bought him, that is PATHETIC.

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