The Hidden Gallery

Shion: Uwaaah......I don't want to have my picture taken! 

....Well, Arisa-san and I aren't the main focus of this gallery, but you'll have to be content to gawk at us until the real models arrive ^_^;;;.....


hiarisaplant1thumbnail.jpg (3331 bytes)

hishiongothloli1thumbnail.jpg (2647 bytes)

Green Thumb?

Check Out my Wingspan! ^^


hiarisashirt2thumbnail.jpg (4894 bytes)

miyakonight3thumbnail.jpg (3664 bytes)

I won that shirt in a contest ^_^!

Miyako (mini SD Sakura-type ^^)


miyakosam4thumbnail.jpg (4072 bytes)

millilac5thumbnail.jpg (3773 bytes)

"So, how long have you been here?"

A sundress for cold weather?

mibear2thumbnail.jpg (3486 bytes)

miyakoblossom1thumbnail.jpg (3479 bytes)

I love her!  Auuuggggghhh! ^o^

Another Volks Pattern ^___^.


miyakodaffodil3thumbnail.jpg (5385 bytes)

miyakosatinskirt3thumbnail.jpg (4278 bytes)

Holding a Daffodil...

In a Handmade Satin Halter Top and   Jacquard Skirt ^^.

miyakodolla1thumbnail.jpg (4684 bytes)

miyakopatchwork1thumbnail.jpg (3836 bytes)

"Put me doooowwwwn!"

Same Top, Different Skirt.


miyakored5thumbnail.jpg (4443 bytes)

miyakolightgreenclosethumbnail.jpg (4104 bytes)

The Evil Dress.

Eye Change ^_^! (Light Green)


miyakohazelgreen3thumbnail.jpg (5294 bytes)

miyakolightviolet3thumbnail.jpg (4673 bytes)

And Again! (Hazel Green)

Light Violet (more like gray ^^)


miyakofrill1thumbnail.jpg (4107 bytes)

miyakoteafrill3thumbnail.jpg (3852 bytes)

This Looks Odd....

Frill Skirt! ^_^ (What else is new?)


minisddress21thumbnail.jpg (5832 bytes)

minisddress23thumbnail.jpg (5083 bytes)

This One's For Sale ^^!

What a lousy picture....-_-;;;....

miyakomay1thumbnail.jpg (2905 bytes)

miyakomay2thumbnail.jpg (3627 bytes)

She looks creepy!

"You done with that yard work?"

miyakomintgreen1thumbnail.jpg (5835 bytes)

miyakomintgreen4thumbnail.jpg (4582 bytes)

Mini SD Outfit of Doom!

I broke 3 needles sewing this outfit....;_;

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