The Hidden Gallery 3


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Anise's New Look!

Saffron's New Look!


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Maya's Cute Little Hat.

Maya, in a Volks Purple Curl Wig


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Fuuka, in a Volks White Straight Wig


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Fuuka! In a Volks Honey Gold Curl Wig.


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Just Plain Weird. ^__^;

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Kind of Cute?

Cute Little Miyako in Anise's Wig.


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Miyako in Saffron's Wig.

Saffron, Wearing Anise's Wig.


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Saffron, Out for a Walk.

I Got My Eyes Back!


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Knitting Can Be Manly!

I like a man who can knit!


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I would date with you! ^o^

As Beautiful as a Woman.

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Fuuka's Lovely New Sweater (by Kristen)

Huge Friggin' Basil!

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Eyeco Eyes: Stormy

Eyeco Eyes: Chuck Hazel

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