Setsuna's Room


Name: Setsuna Towa

Age: ??


    Body: EB NEO, white-skinned

    Original Price: 9,800 yen

     Limited to ?? pieces


Comments:  Such a beauty...Setsuna-chan is a human character in the L.A universe. She's a secretary working for Albert and apparently Kuniyoshi's love interest. According to Volks, she's shy and unsophisticated, but very strong-willed.

Mumumu...I haven't been paying much attention to the Lost Angels lately, but Setsuna really caught my eye! I love her dark hair and deep purple eyes. Her outfit is kind of ehh...but her fishnet stockings are great. It's probably not evident from the photo, but she has an open mouth. Very cute! Volks did a very nice job on her eyeprint. You don't see that kind of shading in many commercial dolls! ^o^


Leene's Comments:  Lucky girl. I want Albert to be my evil employer!


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