Shinju's Room


Name: Shinju

Age: 20

Creation Info:

    Body:  Volks Excellent L

    Head: Volks prerooted A-type head, silver

    Eyes and lips painted with Liquitex paints

Likes: Travelling, snow, birds

Dislikes: Being alone, talking about herself

Background: Shinju is a very cheerful and optimistic person who loves to be around others, but she has few friends because she never stays in one place for long. She is searching for a girl named Ruri, and wants to be reunited with her desperately, but she won't say why and Ruri doesn't recognize her...

shinjusky1.JPG (24317 bytes)

Creator's Comments: Shinju is the first boil-perm I've done for a long time. ^_^  I had always wanted to do a doll with silver hair, but until recently Volks only made silver hair on the B-type heads, and after Lauren's experience with rooting Leene's hair I wasn't sure I wanted to root my own head with silver hair.   But recently Volks started making all the hair colors available on both A and B heads, so I was saved. ^^

I consider Shinju a pair deal with Lauren's doll Ruri, both because of their hairstyles and their names. ^^  Shinju means "pearl" in Japanese. It's a Legend of Mana in-joke. (laughs weakly)

Webmistress's Comments: ^^ I like the way her hair feels!  I don't know, does a doll seem more precious if she's named after a jewel?  I think that Shinju looks appropriately pearl-like.  I wish I had thought of that first....;_;....

Leene's Comments:  Shinju-chan just sort of barged in here one night ^__^;;.....oh well, I don't mind.  She wouldn't have been able to find this place if I hadn't wanted her to.  I just hope she finds what she's looking for!  Time flows differently here, and if she's not careful she could be searching forever.......



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