Shino's Room


Name: Lost Angel Shino (Bunny-Ear Version)

Age: 17


    Body: Excellent B

    Original Price: 9,800 yen

     Limited to 300 pieces

shinodawn1.JPG (16616 bytes)


Name: Lost Angel Shino (Silver Maid Version)

Age: 17


    Body: NEO EB

    Original Price: 9,800 yen

     Limited to 100 pieces

silvershino1.JPG (23266 bytes)

Comments:  Shino isn't my doll ^___^ .......she belongs to my sister, but since we both live in the same house she might as well be mine >_<!   There are many, many different versions of Shino out there....this doll differs from the original only in lip color.  She came in a cute black velvet dress with matching bunny ears.  Watch out for that dress--it stains soft vinyl!

Has anyone else noticed how screwed-up Shino's eyeprint is?  One of her eyes is far lower than the other....but she has a cute and charming face just the same.  It gives her character ^^.....

Shino is the leader of the Lost Angels, and the older sister of Akari.   According to Volks, she likes to cook, and  is cheerful and  competitive.   Her rival is Lagla. 

Shino looks like a doll that would lend herself well to  photo Amanda, she has a lot of personality. ^^

Update: The Silver-haired Shino is a Christmas present from Kristen.   Isn't she pretty *^_^*?  I think she looks like an ice fairy, or something....^^


Leene's Comments:  Shino-sama won't let her sister come here because she isn't of legal drinking age.  I hate to break this to her, but neither is she! >_<  That's okay, the Sakura Tea Room, there are no rules.   Just don't kill anybody, and don't take off your clothes. n_n....





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