Shizuka's Room


Name: Shizuka

Age: 18

Creation Info:

    Body: Volks New Excellent A

    Head: Volks prerooted pink B-type head,

    Eyes and lips painted with Liquitex paints

Likes: Candy, shopping, children

Dislikes:  Dogs, rainy days

Background: Shizuka is Yuka's sister.  Although they look very much alike, Yuka is actually adopted.  Shizuka fell dangerously ill when she was a toddler, and her parents, who had her late in life and couldn't have any more children, planned on adopting a baby that resembled their daughter in case she didn't live.   They kept the baby in their home, still nameless, and introduced her to Shizuka as her new sister.  To this day they claim that the sight of her baby sister cured Shizuka's illness and confirmed Yuka as a part of the family, but in reality, once Shizuka's condition improved they had decided to send the baby back to the orphanage.   It was Shizuka who insisted that they keep the baby, naming her "Yuka," because it was the only name she could pronounce at the time. Despite their uncomfortable past, Shizuka and Yuka love each other very much.  Shizuka has never suffered from ill health since that time, and is now the star of her high school track team.

shizukanew3.JPG (20706 bytes)

Comments: Okay, I'll admit it!  Shizuka was the original Shion, repainted after I made the white-skinned, purple-haired version.  Phew!  You do not want to see her original face.  I wasn't sure what to think of the B-type head at first....the eyewells and distinctive smile don't allow for the same range of expression as the A-type head, but it's still quite cute.  And a whole lot more proportional than the A-type head ^____^;;........

She originally had long hair cut in a princess-style (like the present Shion's, but a little longer).  After I repainted her I cut her hair to shoulder-length.  I think it's a big improvement ^O^!  Some of the Volks heads, in particular the pink and classic gold hair B-type heads, have hair that's a bit too thin for longer styles.  Now she looks like a little fairy ^___^;;;.......

But gee, Shion sure got an "enhancement," going from Excellent A to Excellent K. was the only white-skinned body I could find *^___^*;;;;.......


Leene's Comments: I find that parents can be much more selfish than children.  There must be a special place in the Underworld for people like Shizuka-chan's parents.....-__-;;.....

5/19/02: Repaint!  Gave eyeliner a try with my new brushes.  What do you think ^_______^;;?



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