The  Sakura Tea Room Information Centre 


Lost?  Confused about where to go first?  Never fear!   You've reached the Sakura Tea Room Information Centre.  Use this handy site map to guide you through the mansion.


The Sakura Tea Room Information Centre

You are here.

The Sea Terrace

Where you'll meet the webmistress's custom Volks dolls.

The Sky Terrace

Where you'll meet her sister's custom dolls.

The Dawn Garden

The Volks Lost Angels reside here.

The Dusk Garden

Watch out!  The Dark Angels are in here.

The Marzipan Cafe

Miscellaneous Volks and other Japanese fashion dolls are gathered here.

The Sakura Library

A home for doll and anime-inspired writings.

The Sakura Theatre

Where the patrons put on their little plays ^___^.

Also, you'll find a picture gallery here.

The Gift Shoppe

Find presents for your own dolls here!

Back into the Storm

Where you say goodbye....;_;....


Kind of self-explanatory.