Tida's Room


Name: Tida

Age: She's dead X_X.....


    Body:New Excellent A

    Original Price: 12,800 yen

    Limited to 500 pieces

tidacafe1.JPG (15713 bytes)


Comments:  Underappreciated doll of the year?  ::laughs:: Really, I'd like to make a club for underappreciated dolls with Tida and Maria as the mascots. ^^ Tida was released by Volks at the same time as two other artist dolls, Curo and Hazuka.   Apparently Tida was the least popular.  I can't see why ^^;;;........she has a beautiful face and hair and her clothes are lovely.  I admit that she doesn't have the same "appeal" some of the more provocative Volks dolls, but she is one classy lady ^____^!  And, as usual, this doll belongs to my sister.  (Why does she get all the really nice dolls?)  She looks a lot like Mokuren from the manga and anime series "Please Save My Earth." 

According to the note from Volks that came with her, Tida and her brother lived in ancient Japan and were used as pawns in a civil war because of their special powers and ability to hear the voices of the gods. Her brother was the head of a tribe in Kyushu and she was forced by the Emperor to become a priestess in Okinawa.  According to the story, and woman named Shino in modern-day Japan discovers that she is the reincarnation of Tida.  Tida means "sun" in  Okinawa dialect.  Now, how's that for a story? ^___^

Tida was created by the Japanese shoujo manga artist Mayumi Nozuma.  More of her dolls are pictured in the Volks Dolpa File SP, and they're all wonderful.  I thought that the one with the black hair was a girl for the longest time, but he and the others are beautiful ^^;;;.......


Leene's Comments:  Tida-sama intimidates me a little, to tell you the truth.   She really must have reached a higher state of being than the rest of us ^___^;;;......I wouldn't be surprised to catch Lagla and her gang asking for her advice.   I hope she can steer us all in the right direction...

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