Tourmaline's Room


Name: Tourmaline

Age: 17

Creation Info:

    Body: Volks New Excellent A

    Head: Volks Shining Brown B-type head

    Eyes and lips painted with Liquitex paints

Likes: Horseback riding, foreign languages, chocolate

Dislikes: Parties, loud music

Background: Tourmaline is a naive young girl from an affluent family. Despite the fact that she's an only child, she isn't selfish in the least, but she has little experience with taking care of herself. As a result, she's very innocent and becomes anxious when faced with important decisions.  She's well-liked by her classmates but would prefer to spend time horseback-riding by herself than going out with her friends.

tourmaline1.JPG (20398 bytes)


Creator's Comments: This is actually my second try painting Tourmaline--I have a lot of trouble with the B head. I really like the Volks Shining Brown hair, and it's a shame that Volks only made it available on the B head, then discontinued it altogether.  I like her a lot better than I did before, but I'm still not a big fan of the B head.  You're too restricted in the placement of the eyes. -_-   Nice hair, though, and I really do like the brown hair/hazel eyes combination, even though Shining Brown is closer to blond than brown.

Webmistress's Comments: :D....I think she's cute.....I never got to use Shining Brown! >_<......Of all the gemstone names, I think that Tourmaline is one of the only ones that doesn't sound too funny or weird ^^.  And it comes in so many colors ^_6!

Leene's Comments: There isn't any place to go horseback riding here ^^;;;.....I'm not exactly sure why Tourmaline-chan likes to come here.  Maybe it's because she doesn't have to see anyone she talks to here in real life.  ^^;;;   As if she doesn't know I'm always watching her .......



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