Will's Room



Name: Will

Age: 17

Creation Info:

    Body: Volks Excellent C

    Head: Volks SH-06 head, hand-rooted with Noix de Rome violet B rooting hair

    Facial features painted with Liquitex paints

Likes: Writing research papers, late-night TV

Dislikes: P.E. class, messy rooms

Background: Will is studious and responsible, the president of his high school class. He possesses a brilliant mind but is hopeless at sports. Because of this he is often the subject of mild teasing by his classmates. Girls are attracted to his good looks but find him too serious to date. In spite of this, his honesty and determination have made him one of the most popular students in school.


Comments: Why is it that whenever I play a video game I end up making a doll that somehow resembles one of the characters? I have no imagination, really ^___^;...

The "inspiration" for Will came to me shortly after Christmas, and I rooted and painted him fairly quickly. His head was as hard as hell and my fingers still hurt from the job. There goes another one of my precious SH-06 heads! I don't think Will is a bad looking doll, but he does have a big forehead! I bought some black-rimmed photo-etched glasses for him to wear but they didn't look right at all. Hum hum hum...


Leene's Comments: Will is a goody-two-shoes! He's cute, though...^o^...


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