Yanagi's Room


Name: Yanagi

Age: ??

Creation Info:

    Body: Volks New Excellent C

    Head: Volks A-type head rooted with light green Mexican hair

    Eyes and mouth painted with Liquitex paints

Likes: Plants, carrot cake, soccer

Dislikes: Being indoors, cars, small talk

Background: Yanagi and his sister Tsubaki are nature spirits on a mission to replenish the Earth's resources.  As the Creator, Yanagi has the power to make plants grow from barren soil and restore life to the deceased.  His sister, as the Destroyer, has the ability to raze corrupt lands.  Although his job includes making up for humans' mistakes, Yanagi genuinely likes them and sometimes poses as one to stay in their company.  Tsubaki finds her brother's habit annoying, and struggles constantly to get him back on track.

yanaginew.JPG (19607 bytes)


Comments: >_<....Yeah,  a new addition to my "Guys Who Look Like Girls" series!  I think Yanagi-kun looks a little more manly than Kei-kun, so I don't know why he has Excellent C. I really had intended him to look younger! 

The light green Mexican hair is pretty. ^_^  I had a little bit of a hard time using it, and had to steam it twice to set it, but I think it turned out okay.   I put some Water Wax in it to control his fly-aways....^^

New Excellent C is a cute little body.  I find it easier to pose than the N body, somehow.  I'm not sure how many dolls I could make with it, though.   It's awfully diminutive....^^;;

I had wanted to give him a plant name, because he's supposed to be a nature spirit, but had a hard time finding one in English that didn't make him sound like a woman.  ^o^  Kristen suggested the Japanese word for willow, "yanagi."  Okay ^^;;....I'm not familiar with that word, so I keep asking her if I'm getting it right ^^;;;......

I know, that shirt looks horrible on him.  But I haven't made his outfit yet....;_;....I couldn't leave him nekkid! I'll take another picture of him once I'm done, okay? 

12/12/02: I finally repainted Yanagi!  He had been languishing in a box for so long....I'm not sure if he's any closer to what he looks like in my "master plan," but he's at least an improvement over the last version. I still haven't made him an outfit ^_^;......

Leene's Comments:  It's been said that anything that Yanagi-kun restores to life will live forever.  He's forbidden to use that power on humans, but.....


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