Yuuki's Room


Name: Yuuki (Omioataru Special Version)

Age: 17


    Body: Dynamite (SAJ) Body

    Original Price: 8,000 yen

    Limited to 500 pieces

yuuki1.JPG (21407 bytes)


Comments: Isn't she cute ^__^?  Yuuki is an Azone character doll designed by the Japanese doll artist Omoiataru, who also designed the ever-popular Sahra.  She's one of those rare dolls guaranteed to fit into all Azone clothes (now that the SAJ body's been discontinued -_-;;;).  She doesn't seem to be as popular as Sahra, but she has the most gorgeous hair imaginable.  I think that her outfit is supposed to be some kind of uniform for the newstand that she works at.  Handpicked by Omoiataru herself ^^.....

::sighs:: I love the clothes Omoiataru designs.  I had originally owned the Azone Premium version of Yuuki as well, but it turned out that she was the exact same doll as the Omoiataru version, except with a different outfit! >_<  So I took the outfit and sold the extra one redressed.  To whomever bought her, please take good care of her!  She's a real cutie, but I don't need more than one ^o^.....



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