Zarla's Room


Name: Dark Angel Zarla (Original version)

Age: 20


    Body: Elegant Collection, tanned

    Original Price: 11,000 yen

    Limited to 1000 pieces

zarladusk2.JPG (16102 bytes)


Comments:  Zarla surprised me!  When I saw her picture on the Volks page, I didn't like her at all.  Her hair looked frizzy, and her eyes didn't appeal to me much.....I gave her another chance thinking that she might turn out like another Gjinalu, much prettier than the prototype.  And she was.  ^___^  In my humble opinion, Zarla is, hands down, the most beautiful of all the Lost and Dark Angels. Her eye paint is amazing, and her makeup flatters her skin and hair perfectly.   If you see her being sold on a site and you don't have her, go and buy her!   NOW!  You'll get used to the Elegant body. 

I didn't like her original outfit (what there was of it) much, but she came with great platform sandals.  ^_^

According to Volks, Zarla is a vindictive person who sometimes acts without Lagla's permission.  Her rival is Claudia.  Yeah.....I can see why these two don't get along ^^.....


Leene's Comments: ....Zarla-sama...what were you doing in the Dawn Garden just now? ^_^;;;  You're not allowed up there....remember the court order?   No, I won't look the other way, not after  you caused such a stir smashing that chair over Claudia's head.  Don't look at me like that--I don't want another lawsuit on my hands!

Zarla: Whatever.....




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